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Rufus Wainwright


Bass Performance Hall
4th and Calhoun Streets Fort Worth, TX 76102
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817-212-4325 (phone)
Neighborhood: Fort Worth
Category: Music, Happenings


  1. June 13, 2013 8pm


Rufus Wainwright has it all—the rich, distinctive voice, the talent, the musical pedigree from parents Louden Wainwright III and Kate McGarrigle. We haven’t met a song of his we didn’t like, from older cuts such as “Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk” and “Imaginary Love” to mid-career tracks such as “The Art Teacher” and “The One You Love.” He sings in French, cusses in the most elegant way possible, covers Leonard Cohen and Judy Garland, composes opera, and best of all, sounds even better live than he does on a recording. We don’t know how else to recommend that you get your tickets to this one-night-only performance as soon as possible, beyond this: we cried twice during his last concert at the Meyerson Symphony Center and his encore ended with the crowd dancing—just imagine people dancing in that vaunted concert hall—to a song called "Old Whore's Diet" and Wainwright himself, wearing a cupid-style loincloth and not much else. It was, to use only slight hyperbole, perfect.

Rufus Wainwright

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