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Rihanna - Postponed

Rihanna - Postponed
Rihanna performing in Montreal.


American Airlines Center
2500 Victory Ave. Dallas, TX 75219
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Neighborhood: Downtown
Category: Music, Nightlife, Happenings


  1. April 16, 2013 6:30 pm


There are few artists who possess Barbados-born Rihanna's mutli-platform power, whether it's her position as one of the best-selling pop singers of all time—breaking records for someone her age—or her near-constant presence in the tabloids. But with great popularity comes great unsought responsibility, and Rihanna's proven more complex than expected. She's been propped up as both a domestic violence awareness activist and as an apologist for the same issue, due to her on-again/off-again relationship with a total scumbag Chris Brown.

But through all of her personal tumult, Rihanna has only grown more ubiquitous. She is personally responsible for three of the most earwormy-y choruses you’ll ever try to shake, from “Umbrella,” “Rude Boy,” and “What’s My Name?,” respectively. But a personal favorite is her instant-classic “Birthday Cake,” which features the equally memorable repetition of the word “cake cake cake cake....” What sounds seriously ridiculous on paper makes for a great song-and-dance number; the essence of great pop music. And we don't think it's too bold to say that almost nobody does great pop like Rihanna. She's accompanied on her Diamonds tour by expletive-happy rapper A$AP Rocky, so anyone who might be offended by a little (okay, a lot of) foul language might want to sit this show out.


Rihanna - Postponed

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