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Matthew Sontheimer

Critic's Pick


Talley Dunn Gallery 5020 Tracy St. Dallas, TX 75205
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214-521-4322 (phone)
Neighborhood: Knox
Category: Museums and Galleries: Exhibits


Matthew Sontheimer’s art is a mash-up of drawing, collage, text, and conceptual strategy, two-dimensional work that can look like schizophrenic ransom notes or pop art poster recreations. At first glance, the work may feel difficult. Snippets of text and random imagery play off each other with an elusive coherence, making the viewer feel as if he or she walked in on a private conversation. But this is part of Sontheimer’s game, creating work that confounds itself in order to suck the viewer into its considerations of the nature of art’s materiality, objectivity, and meaning.

Matthew Sontheimer

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