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John Mayer

John Mayer
John Mayer pondering how great he is. Courtesy of


Gexa Energy Pavilion
1818 First Ave. Dallas, TX 75210
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214-421-1111 (phone)
Neighborhood: Fair Park
Category: Music


  1. July 13, 2013 7:30 pm


As of late, Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriend has made more headlines for his sleazebaggery than his music. That's too bad, because John Mayer is a genuinely talented guitarist. See "Stitched Up," with jazz legend Herbie Hancock, and "White" on Frank Ocean's Channel ORANGE for a couple of prime examples. And for someone who comes off as such an emotionally stunted jerk, he's written some truly romantic songs. Every time we listen to "Comfortable," an old track from his 1999 EP, we get a little teary. There's also "Sucker," a lesser-known song that he's only done live and calls "a little bit of Stumped John." Mayer put out a new, exploratory album, Born and Raised, in 2012, but was unable to tour because he was recovering from a surgery. Taking his cue from Neil Young and Bob Dylan, this sonic evolution embraces harmonica-accented, guitar-driven Americana. Hopefully this summer concert will offer us mix of Old and New John, with some Stumped John thrown in. Just for fun. Phillip Phillips opens.

John Mayer

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