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Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles
Cover of their new album, III. Crystal Castle's Facebook page.


House of Blues 2200 N. Lamar St. Dallas, TX 75202
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Neighborhood: Downtown
Category: Music


  1. April 22, 2013 7pm


This Toronto duo's live shows are always a bit of a gamble. For one thing, they may or may not actually make it to the stage. We consider this fair warning, since House of Blues' website says, in all caps, "NO REFUNDS / EXCHANGES / CANCELLATION." For another, Crystal Castles' live sets are notoriously intense and crazy. Their latest record, III, once again pairs Ethan Kath’s glitch-y electronic backdrops with Alice Glass’ distorted, hot-and-cold vocals. But we prefer their older stuff, such as "Crimewave," a collaboration with Health that we're not ashamed to admit we've loved since hearing it on Gossip Girl, and "Courtship Dating."

Crystal Castles

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