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Craft Cocktails Texas

Craft Cocktails Texas
Photos by Jason Janik.


Stoneleigh Hotel and Spa
2927 Maple Ave. Dallas, TX 75201
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Neighborhood: Dallas
Category: Food and Wine, Nightlife


  1. June 14, 2012 6pm-midnight
  2. June 15, 2012 noon-8pm
  3. June 16, 2012 noon-8pm
  4. June 17, 2012 noon-6pm


On more than one occasion, we’ve sat across from Nico Ponce and asked him to do his worst. And by worst, we mean concoct the booziest, most delicious libation he can think of. And he outdoes himself every time. More chemist than bartender, his complicated drink-making supplies include beakers, spray bottles (full of absinthe, if you must know), expensive bottles of Scotch from his personal supply, and butterscotch candies he bought at the Walgreens down the street. What’s a total no-brainer is that Ponce has joined forces with Brian McCullough (Smoke, The Standard Pour) for a four-day craft cocktail extravaganza. Expect everything from classes on ice carving to an outdoor festival featuring live music and a United States Bartenders Guild Competition that will pit 36 bartenders from all over Texas against each other in a battle for alcohol-induced glory.

Craft Cocktails Texas

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