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Making Dallas Even Better


2 yr old Boxer, Dallas

Her owner says: I "rescued" Stella from a breeder when she was just barely eight weeks old. As you may or may not know, white boxers cannot be shown, and therefore receive very little of the already minimal care offered by some of the little, private, home-based breeders. From the time she was a puppy she went with me everywhere: from being trained on a leash in my Uptown apartment, to the coworking space a couple blocks over, to Target, and to countless meals where patios had become a requirement. She's since learned to stay next to me without a leash and, despite being a ball of energy, will ignore people and other animals on command to remain at my side. She sleeps at the foot of my bed but gradually makes her way to a pillow next to me throughout the night. While I don't mind cuddling with the sweetest, most loving dog in the world, it isn't super convenient when company is over. She takes it like a champ, though, and will go sleep in her crate if I ask her to "go elsewhere," a command I've been called out on for being a tad ridiculous. She really is super-fantastic. Well mannered, energetic yet manageable, loving yet considerate of your space, an art connoisseur, and a snappy dresser. Best. Dog. Ever.

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