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Making Dallas Even Better


With the help of well-known blogger (and bane of the team behind the Bachelor) “Reality Steve,” we picked 32 small-screen stars from which to choose. The champ was revealed in the January 2011 issue of D Magazine.

Voting Schedule

Round 1 — Oct. 4-8
Round 2 — Oct. 11-15
Round 3 — Oct. 18-22
Round 4 — Oct. 25-26
Final Two — Oct. 27-29 
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Jake Pavelka Out

The Bachelorette, Season 5

The pursuit of true love has been a somewhat—ahem—bumpy ride for the dashing pilot from Denton. Pavelka embarked on his love journey in 2009, when he pursued Bachelorette Jillian Harris. Unfortunately, in the words of fellow Texan contestant and traveling minstrel Wes, “Love don’t come easy.” Harris was somehow able to resist Pavelka’s self-righteousness and proclivity for ratting people out. His loss, however, was America’s gain. The resulting The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love (perhaps the worst season of the Bachelor franchise ever) delighted us for so many reasons. Jake sporting the largest motorcycle helmet we’ve ever seen. Vienna’s googly eyes. Tenley’s ridiculous dance. In the end, he fell in love—albeit very briefly—with Googly. They have since stated their mutual hatred for one another, although they continue to share a love for the limelight. Jake has appeared on Dancing with the Stars and an episode of Drop Dead Diva.

Reality Steve’s Take : Talk about a complete 180—this guy went from being the guy people felt sorry for during Jillian’s season to one of the more disliked Bachelors ever. From his somewhat effeminate manner to his complete mishandling of the televised post-break-up interview with Vienna, this guy is hated more than LeBron James is in Cleveland. What a phony. The guy was planning from day one to restart a failed acting career, and now that he's had his own Bachelor season, and gained notoriety on Dancing with the Stars, his dorkiness is officially engrained in all our heads. Let's hope he goes away sometime soon, but don’t count on it. He recently told a tabloid that he boasts better abs than Jersey Shore’s “The Situation.” Personally, I don't think the guy even has better abs than one of the other people in this tournament: Jeremy Anderson. I call for an ab off! Let’s do this!

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