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Making Dallas Even Better

What You Must Do in Dallas

The city's essential experiences. You're not a true local until you've done them all.

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Ride a bull

We're talking about the mechanical variety. This is one of those things you think you can a) do just about anywhere and/or b) probably not do at all and still live a full and happy life. Not true. First, let’s get one thing straight about bull riding: looking like a jerk is unavoidable. You look idiotic if you try too hard; you look pathetic if you get thrown off after two seconds (unless you’re female, in which case, you just look cute). But here in Dallas, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Just get up there on that bull and ride. We dare you to keep feeling sorry for yourself with your thighs clenched around some wild robot, wearing a stupid hat, and hanging on for dear life. It’s impossible. And way cheaper than real therapy.  Photography by Matthew Mahon

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