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Making Dallas Even Better

What You Must Do in Dallas

The city's essential experiences. You're not a true local until you've done them all.

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Cheer the White Rock Marathon along Swiss

If you’re the one wearing the Nikes, those final 5.2 miles of the White Rock Marathon could be a killer. But the energy radiating off the people lining Swiss Avenue is enough to buoy the spirits of even the most tired trotters. Imagine Dallas’ most picturesque homes, cute-as-pie families with their cute-as-pie dogs, bands, drink stands handing out Four Loko instead of Gatorade (we took one; it seemed like the right thing to do), and poster-board signs with encouraging slogans like “Way to go, complete stranger!” The combined enthusiasm makes those last 5.2 miles go by even faster than the first 5. Now if we could only do something about the middle 16.  Photo courtesy of flickr user Grand Canyon NPS
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