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Making Dallas Even Better

My Guide to Dallas

Some of our favorite faces from North Texas weigh in on where to eat, drink, and play locally.

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Kevin McHale

Actor; Stars as Artie Abrams in Fox's Glee

What are your favorite restaurants in Dallas?

It’s literally my favorite food on the planet—and I’ve brought some of my friends from [L.A.] back to Texas for the holidays and they make fun of me because of it—but I love Golden Chick. It’s just fried chicken with country gravy, but you can’t find country gravy [in L.A.]. I love me some fried chicken and country gravy.

What are your favorite shops in Dallas?

The malls are great. I always brag that the malls in Dallas are the best in the world. I love NorthPark and the Galleria, and I used to go to Stonebriar all the time, but that place is always so packed now that I get anxiety.

What are your favorite hangouts in Dallas?

To be honest, when I’m in Dallas, I usually stay at my parents' house!

What are your favorite venues in Dallas?

I used to always go to this kids festival that had children’s bands play. Every year I went there as a kid, but now I can’t remember what it’s called. The thing is, I moved away right when my friends were starting to go to out, so I totally missed that entire thing. Now I just go where my brothers tell me to.

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