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Making Dallas Even Better

My Guide to Dallas

Some of our favorite faces from North Texas weigh in on where to eat, drink, and play locally.

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Brad Leland

Actor; Starred as Buddy Garrity in NBC's Friday Night Lights

What are your favorite restaurants in Dallas?

I’ve always loved Louie’s and its whole Cheers hominess. It’s a great bar with really good food, and the best pizza out of New York. There’s a place in Plano that I love called Fishmonger’s, just a fried-shrimp place that has a great little bar. There’s a new hamburger joint that’s only been open a couple of years, Maple & Motor. It’s awesome. It’s just a little dive, hole-in-the-wall, but those guys are great. I was the very first customer that ever went into Aw Shucks on Greenville Avenue. When Aw Shucks came in with raw oysters, I went there every day for about the first two years. For Mexican food, I love Mi Cocina. And we used to go to Mia’s all the time before there was a Mi Cocina. I also love Taco Diner for fresh, not greasy Tex-Mex in a little different style. And I also like some of the really fine places like Abacus and the Mansion.

What are your favorite shops in Dallas?

Originally, NorthPark was the only shopping center there was, and when we were kids in the 70s, going to NorthPark was something else. But now it’s cool to go to West Village or the Shops at Legacy. I’m pretty flexible, so I’m not a one-store type of guy.

What are your favorite hangouts in Dallas?

I like to go to Palomino at the Crescent. I don’t go to a lot of bars, although if I do, it’s usually more of the friendly, lower-end bars. As long as you don’t have to dress up, I’ll be there.

What are your favorite venues in Dallas?

I have always enjoyed our Arts District, and it’s world class now. To go to the theater, to the museum, to the Meyerson – any of the things in the Arts District nowadays are awesome. And to get to perform in the Dallas Theater Center, which I’ve been lucky enough to do a couple of times. And to go to Bruce DuBose’s theater, Undermain, and to go to Matt Posey’s garage theater down by Fair Park, which is called Ochre House. They do completely off-the-wall original stuff, and Matt’s an old friend of mine who’s just a tremendous artist and actor. He directs, writes, and stars in all of his own shows. I love to see a lot of underground stuff like that.
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