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Making Dallas Even Better

100 Most Expensive Homes in Dallas

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#70 Tandy and Lee Roy Mitchell


  • Living Area: 14,341 sq ft
  • Year Built: 1995
  • Land Value: $4,880,160
  • Noteworthy: 9 fireplaces, 4 wet bars

The founder of Cinemark, the world’s second-largest movie theater chain, lives in a house with a 21-seat movie theater. One man who managed a theater for the Mitchells in the early ’80s wrote in his memoir: “Lee Roy was a gentle, soft-spoken man who seemed to care about everyone. Tandy was, well, it was rumored she rode a broom. … About a week before I took my first theater, I received a box of new clothes from an anonymous friend. It was just what I needed to start out. I probed a little and found that Lee Roy was behind the gift. What a guy.”