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Making Dallas Even Better

100 Most Expensive Homes in Dallas

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#46 Guinn Crousen


  • Living Area: 17,865 sq ft
  • Year Built: 2010
  • Land Value: $6,371,120
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The president of aerospace firm Progressive Incorporated is married to Betsy Whitson. They own a renovated $2.9 million house in Highland Park that must look like a piece of crap compared to the new house that put them on our list for the first time this year, a 17,865-square-foot beaut that sits just a half mile away. Also, in 2000 he used a .270 Weatherby Magnum and a hunting permit that probably cost him several hundred thousand dollars to kill what was at the time the world’s largest bighorn sheep, in Alberta’s Rockies. According to one published report, after shooting the animal, Crousen “sat down and cried a little.”