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Making Dallas Even Better

100 Most Expensive Homes in Dallas

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#53 Candice and Bobby Haas


  • Living Area: 18,037 sq ft
  • Year Built: 1996
  • Land Value: $4,804,500
  • Noteworthy: 10 fireplaces

Perhaps when Bobby and wife Candice sit at one of their 10 fireplaces, they reminisce about the glory days, roughly 30 years ago, of Hicks & Haas (No. 1). Maybe they sip Dr Pepper or 7Up, just for the irony of it. (Hicks & Haas turned $88 million of investor funding into $1.3 billion, notably when merging the two soft drink makers. Note: merging the two soft drinks themselves is not recommended.) Or maybe they save that kind of talk for the beach at their home in Parrot Cay in the Caribbean.