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Making Dallas Even Better

100 Most Expensive Homes in Dallas

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#8 Roxanne and Gene Phillips


  • Living Area: 18,516 sq ft
  • Year Built: 1935
  • Land Value: $17,971,380
  • Noteworthy: 2nd-most acreage on list

Gene Phillips is the only person on this list whose name is also a URL: The site tells quite a story. So do the 5 million results you’ll get if you google his name along with the word “fraud.” Today he’s investing $2.6 billion to build a huge development in Nigeria called Abuja Town Centre. His spread next door to Tom Hicks (No. 1) and George W. Bush includes three detached servants quarters that encompass a total of 13,416 square feet. His estate also features a system of four interconnected ponds.