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Making Dallas Even Better

100 Most Expensive Homes in Dallas

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#4 Kelcy Warren


  • Living Area: 27,209 sq ft
  • Year Built: 1992
  • Land Value: $14,046,400
  • Noteworthy: 12 fireplaces

The CEO of Energy Transfer runs the largest natural gas pipeline concern in Texas. Forbes puts his net worth at $2 billion, some of which he used to buy Larry Lacerte’s old house, where he has a secret music studio accessed via a trick shoe-rack in a walk-in closet. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The house’s interior is decorated in an Old World, medieval style that includes many vigorously tasseled brown and maroon velour pillows.” The 9-acre property includes a bowling alley and a baseball diamond whose scoreboard lists “Warren” as one of the teams and “Home” as the other. For an out-of-town getaway, Warren last year bought a 3,500-acre Colorado ranch for $46.5 million.